The value of a public accounting firm is more than just the sum of its professionals and staff. It also includes the intangible assets of your staff, their knowledge and ability. Building solid relationships and helping your clients succeed is part of the equation, as is caring about your clients’ success. That’s why we view peer review as a necessary part of what we do.

For many firms, the peer review process is often seen as nothing more than a necessary part of the public accounting industry. At WebsterRogers, we view it as a potential opportunity for learning and growth. We believe that a quality review can provide your firm with the knowledge necessary to create, maintain and improve the quality control system of your firm.

WebsterRogers professionals have been involved in the review process since the firm was founded. We strive to exceed expectations by providing more than just the necessary peer review. Our experienced professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you address the specific quality control needs of your practice – regardless of whether you are a small or large practice.

Contact us to learn more about how WebsterRogers can help your firm with a peer review that helps you improve your system of quality control, not just meet the minimum requirements.

Service Group Leader

Thomas E. Fitzsimmons, CPA

Tom Fitzsimmons