At WebsterRogers, we understand that in today’s competitive environment, research and development (R&D) is an integral component to increasing market share and maintaining your on-going success. Federal, state, and foreign research tax credits and incentives support the success of companies here and throughout the world by allowing them to recover a percentage of their investments from R&D activities.

The Research & Development Tax Credit can provide an immediate source of cash for many small and medium-sized companies along with considerable reductions to current and future tax liabilities. Recent changes in the regulations allow for a broader range of companies to benefit from the credit.

The professionals in our Research and Development Credits team consist of tax and other professionals with extensive experience in helping companies benefit from these tax breaks. We work with you to uncover and take advantage of the most opportunities from available R&D tax incentives.

Our clients turn to us for creative tax strategies that help reduce taxes and increase cash flow. At WebsterRogers our R&D Tax Credit team will help you identify, apply and maximize your tax credit savings.

Industries that may benefit from research tax credits:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and architectural firms
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Equipment and component parts
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotech
  • Food processing

Benefits of claiming research tax credits:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Optimization of engineering investments
  • Proactive reduction and minimization of tax liability
  • Ability to invest more in new technology and engineering
  • Position your organization to take advantage of future tax credits

Service Group Leader

Stephen M. Holladay, CPA

Stephen Holladay

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