In today’s ever-changing business environment, keeping up with the change in tax laws has become much more difficult, while the opportunities for tax savings have become increasingly limited. Still, every decision you make for your business has tax implications.

Our tax compliance and consulting professionals are well versed in the tax challenges that businesses and individuals may encounter and are proactive in providing advice and counsel. The professionals at WebsterRogers will work with you to uncover any opportunities for tax-savings that you may not be taking advantage of. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our clients informed on any and all tax planning opportunities and potential exposures.

Our clients turn to us for creative tax strategies that help minimize potential risks and allow them to take advantage of all tax-saving opportunities. At WebsterRogers, we have the experience and depth of knowledge to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.




“…every decision you make for your business has tax implications.”

Tax Planning Services:

Personal Financial Management:

  • Manage and coordinate all aspects of owners and executives personal financial affairs
  • Structure and plan estate, trust and gifting programs
  • Retirement planning
  • College savings plans

Tax Compliance Services:

  • Prepare and review corporate and individual tax returns
  • International tax issues
  • Payroll, sales tax and personal property tax compliance
  • Assistance with estimated taxes
  • Interpret existing and proposed tax laws and provide related advice

Service Line Leader

LaVonne Rosenberg, CPA

Director of Tax
LaVonne Rosenberg