Financial Planning

We offer assistance to your clients by helping them prepare their financial declarations and helping to determine asset values and any changes in passive investments. Our marital litigation services professionals can also help clients develop budgets to assist them with their adjustment to life after separation and with financial record-keeping to support their income and expenses.

The marital litigation services professionals of WebsterRogers’ Forensic Investigative Accounting group can help you and your clients with the complex financial issues and topics that invariably accompany family law matters.

Temporary and Permanent Periodic Alimony and Support:

We can assist with determination of alimony and support needs and, when necessary identify, quantify and document income available for support. We can also assist with the determination of child support.


Early engagement of our services allows us to provide assistance with discovery requests and responses along with the initial identification of marital and non-marital assets and liabilities.

Prenuptial Agreements:

We can help you identify and value assets and liabilities to assist with your preparation of prenuptial agreements.


Our valuation experience includes businesses, pensions and retirement plans, stock options, and intangible assets among others.

Trial and Deposition Assistance:

Upon your request, we can help prepare your clients for their financial testimony and assist you with financial and valuation questions for the opposing parties and their witnesses.

Service Group Leader

Charlotte Allen, CPA, CFE, CITP

Audit Director
Charlotte Allen

Post-trial Support:

After trial or settlement, we can assist in drafting qualified domestic relations orders and review settlement agreements prior to submission to the court. Many clients also need post-divorce financial assistance; we can help by referring clients to other professionals to assist with tax and accounting, business consulting, and financial planning services

Expert Testimony:

The professionals of WebsterRogers have testified in numerous trials and depositions. We strive to prepare exhibits and reports and provide expert testimony, in support of our findings, that will help the judge understand complex technical issues.

Equitable Division and Settlement Assistance:

The design and presentation of settlement alternatives for your consideration are topics we are very familiar with. We can also work to identify and consult with you on related tax issues.